Thursday, 17 August 2017

Speech finals

Well done to our talented speech finalists, Nelia and Bianca. They wrote amazing speeches and presented them so well. A big congratulations to Bianca who won the competition and will go through to the zone speech finals! AWESOME!

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Goodbye Anne and Kejia

We are sad to say goodbye to our international students all the way from China. We have enjoyed having you both in our classroom for the last 4 weeks and we will miss you when you go home. We hope you enjoyed your time in Room 5.

The Gangsta Grannies

Well done to all those amazing and talented young old people at our school, who danced their hearts out at the Dance Festival last week. We were super proud of you.

Friday, 7 July 2017

What a busy last week of term it's been !

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Art exhibition

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Calendar Art

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Celebrating Matariki with a Cultural Shared Lunch
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Andrew's last day :(

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Auralie's Special Spot performance

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Bianca hosting assembly

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Marcus, Na'eemah and Aricia won spot prizes for I Spy Kiwi Athon

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Goodbye Andrew, we will miss you.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Room 5's SUPER AWESOME Recycled Art Projects!

Charlotte's Sling shot and Monster Box

Elise's Pineapple Lamp

Gabby's Designer Dress

Auralie's Custom Chair complete with plastic bag pillow

Oliver's wind up plastic bottle car

Neil's V Eiffel Tower

Kaydee's Vase of Flowers

Nathaniel and Max's Catapult

Shreyas and Marcus's String Stars

Cameron and Connor's Trash City

Bianca and Emily's Tin Can Wind Chimes

Nelia's Alien Planet

Na'eemah's Milk Bottle Jewellery Box

Aricia's Milk Bottle Owl

Isala and Oscar's Katana Swords

Donnacha and Andrew's Plastic Bag Kite

Callum's Harry Potter Wand

Anay's 3 Bird Feeders

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Katea's Vase and Flowers

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Shaye's little Spotty Dog
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Chanel's Cardboard House