Thursday, 8 June 2017

Arts week

Room 5 have enjoyed arts week. We have been busy creating artwork for our art exhibition. First of all we chose a silhouette off the internet. We then ruled up a 1cm squared grid on top of it. Then on A3 card, we drew a 4cm squared grid. We then enlarged our little silhouette making it 4x bigger by copying it onto the A3 card. Next we cut it out. After spending AGES rolling up bits of magazine, we then stuck them onto our picture. We haven't quite made the finishing touches yet, but we think they will look awesome when finished :)
Special thanks goes out to Tina (Aricia's mum) for all her help.

Lizzy's Special Spot

Well done to our talented little Lizzy for doing an awesome ballet dance during assembly (in front of the WHOLE SCHOOL!) Go Lizzy!

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Gabby's Teach the Teacher: Unicorn Milkshakes

Class Feedback: It was really delicious and a good idea and interesting. Very yummy. You brought smiles to everyone faces. I like how you said welcome to Gabby’s milkshake shop. You should open a shop. It was Shamazing!

Thanks Gabby for buying all the ingredients with your own money! Well done.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Check out Donnacha's latest story...

Resident Evil 7

1956 - It all started in an old city 300 years old. Lots of people live near it and when they go to bed they can hear scratching on the gate but they knew the Monster living in the abandoned factory would never come out.

Few years later 2017 - One day someone was going to bed and heard the factory turn on and the guy saw the Monster run out and told his family “we need to go” they all packed their  bags but it was too late. The guy opened the cupboard door and there it was. The Monster jumped at the guy and ripped his head off. Everyone near the factory moved and soon no one was living near the factory. Some of the people wanted to kill the Monster but the Monster was too strong, everytime someone tried to kill it, it would kill them so the government decided to go out to kill it.

May 2017 - the government is out in the factory looking for the Monster… When they found it, it multiplied and now there was about 100 of them. They all shouted “charge” BANG! KABOOM! “AHHHHHHH”! Shouted one of the soldiers when his leg was being ripped off. SLICE! “Come on” shouted the boss  soldier “We can do this”. At the end of the battle lots of the soldiers died but some survived. The government is looking for the portal that spawned the Monster and they knew that they would be in a big battle between them so they set up a plan. They knew all of the Monsters like light so Spencer would hold out a torch, while all the others wait on the portal. When they got to the portal they set up their plan. Spencer held up a torch and they all got ready. When they set it up, they were ready for action. “Spencer run” said one of the guys he ran and the Monsters followed him, some of the guys said he might not come back, but he did without a scratch. So they all started firing at the portal and soon it blew up. The destruction of the portal killed everyone and the building soon fell on them. That was the biggest war yet we had with the Monsters. The End.

By Donnacha      

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

The Buddhist Temple

We had an awesome time at the Buddhist Temple today learning about the 3Gs and 4Gs. Leave a comment about your experience

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

A beautiful description of Music World by Charlotte

A Musical World

Every time a musical note is played, by anyone, anywhere, Music World grows like a seed transforming into a humongous strong tree. Music World looks like a magical wonderland filled with instruments and glorious green mountains, bubbling streams that flow from the cliffs, twisting beautiful trees and graceful waterfalls of the enchanted green mountains. Who knew what surprise would come from the slightest note from any magical instrument. There are portals for in and out like whirling bright and colorful tornados.
It’s a peaceful world that never ends with lots of twists and turns. Nobody has entered this peculiar world and nothing has left not even a miniature grain of dirt. Music World will never die even when Earth is no more.
The weather is always sunny and bright and the moon is always glowing pale white. Once a year a magical storm passes filled with dust like clouds and streaks of lights that sound like a pounding heart. The sky looks like colorful and fluffy candy floss, like the candyland in your dreams that makes you feel excited and happy inside.
Music World is probably everyone's biggest dream or even better. Even if someone did find Music World they would probably pass out because it's too good to be true. Now you know everything about Music World - so be on the lookout, it could be anywhere from your biggest dream to your worst nightmare (that's only if you dislike music or fantasies of course). So keep watching...

To be continued

By Charlotte